10 november 2018
22.30 h.
Trintxerpe Mayor’s Office


10 m. / 2017 / España – México

Directed and writed: Juls Gars (Julio García). Producted: Eduardo Vélez. Cast: Albert Everest, David Castro González, Juls Gars, Roman García.

Three mysterious characters are stranded on the road with their broken car at the worst possible moment.


3 m. / 2017 / España

Directed and writed: Julián Candón. Producted: Julián Candón, Tere Candón. Cast: Julián Candón, Julián Candón Jr.

In full adolescence, Javi receives a hard and intense training to learn to play football. However, Javi’s idea of a future career is very far from a sport such as football. Javi has to face his own decision and be able to express it, despite the possible consequences.


3 m. / 2017 / España

Directed, writed and produced : Diego Porral. Cast: Animazioa

A monologue by a grandfather who explains to his grandkid how things used to be… or maybe how they are now.


4 m. / 2017 / España

Directed and writed: Jaime García Parra. Producted: Jaime García Parra, Juan Artero, Alejandro Lara. Cast: Joaquín García, Manuel Ballesta, Alejandro Lara, Juan Artero, Alexia Stellfeldt, Juana Campos, Pepe Albarracín, Juan A. Pérez, Antonio Pérez.

Behind the scene, extras have a dificult and hard life during a filming shooting, suffering from extended periods ot time without food. But, at last, the day for changing has come, and extras are determinated to show it to production team.


15 m. / 2018 / España

Directed, writed and produced: José Manuel Herraiz. Cast: Chavi Bruna, Jorge Asín, Lucas Boyle.

Luis is not the perfect dad. Absorbed by his work, he has broken the promise to attend his son Miguel´s football matches again and again. Until there is just one left. Luis will assist to the decisive game where the league title will be decided. But he has a problem: he will have to go in an astronaut suit.


4 m. / 2018 / España

Directed, writed and produced: Gabriel Lúgigo. Cast: Jacobo Muñoz, Camen Santamaría.

Cari and Luismi were a very excited and successful couple waiting their first baby arrival. But his happiness decreases when they realize that the baby is very ugly. Cari hopes the baby will become handsome in some months, but Luismi believes that he is not such an ugly baby father.


15 m. / 2018 / Francia

Directed, writed and produced : François Zarïdi. Cast: Bastien Guio, Léa Deneuville.

In the dead of night, a drunken man just crashed his car. Yet there is light on his path… as well as a few souls, just as lost as he is.
Fate is about to offer him his last chance. Will he be able to seize it?


5 m. / 2018 / España

Directed: Alberto Martínez: Writed: Pepe Ruíz, Alberto Martínez. Producted: Fran Martínez, Alberto Martínez. Cast: Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza, Mara Ballestero, Miquel Mars, Jesús Cuellar, Javier González de Lerma.

Five people of different ideology travel in blablacar. During the journey, a passenger wants to stop to go to the toilet, but the rules of the driver are clear: the car does not make stops. The passengers begin to get upset and a diplomatic crisis breaks out inside the car.


3 m. / 2018 / España

Directed, writed and produced: José David Díaz. Cast: Bea Ruiz, Josema Pichardo.

Javi is at a crossroads, he does not have clean clothes to go to watch the football game while his girlfriend Bea reads a book quietly on the terrace.


3 m. / 2018 / España

Directed and writed: Camilo Castro, Ricardo San Emeterio. Producted: Ringling Collect of Art + Design. Cast: Animazioa.

Grandma is too focused on making her favorite apple pie to notice the death and destruction going on around her being caused by a rampaging dragon.


9 m. / 2017 / España

Directed, writed and produced: Víctor Basallote. Cast: Miguel Alcíbar, Antonio Bachiller, Javier Bódalo, Carmen Lorenzo, Gonzalo Molina.

Three young people come back from the party and try to get out of a police control, commanded by a peculiar sergeant and a meticulous novice.


4 m. / 2018 / España

Directed, writed and produced: Pol Andreu. Cast: Antonio Baldó, Pol Andreu.

A gust of wind makes Antonio see that his friend Santi does not get along well with time.


4 m. / 2018 / España

Directed and writed: Álvaro Sanz Pascual. Producted: Álvaro Sanz Pascual, Carmen Pascual Martín, Conchi Martínez de la Fuente, Vicente Pascual Martín. Cast: Enedina Martín Lobo, Juani Martín Torrego, Vicente Pascual Martín.

Two old women talk about life and society.