17 november 2019
19.00 h.
Trintxerpe Mayor’s Office

Original title: O que arde
Year: 2019
Running time: 89 min.
Country: España
Director: Oliver Laxe
Screenplay: Santiago Fillol, Oliver Laxe
Photography: Mauro Herce
Cast: Amador Arias, Benedicta Sánchez
Production: Coproducción España-Francia-Luxemburgo; 4A4 Productions / Miramemira / Tarantula
Genre: Drama | rural life

Nobody’s waiting for Amador on his release from jail after serving time for having caused a fire. He returns home to an isolated hamlet in the mountains of Lugo, where he will once again live with his mother, Benedict, his dog Luna and their three cows. Their lives pass to the pace of nature, until everything changes when a violent fire razes the area to the ground.

“Fascinating chronicle of the return of an arsonist to his village (…) is a dazzling artifact that traps an extinct way of life in rural Galicia (…) two wonderful non-professional actors”
Oskar Belategui: Diario El Correo

“Incendiary wonder (…) The first minutes are of overwhelming beauty (…)‘ Laxe ’is one of the voices of Spanish cinema with more personality, perspective and prospective (…)
Marta Medina: The Confidential